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please pray

my best freind is going through a VERY VERY hard time. she is not saved and is in an abusive relationship, that she is scared to break off. i am afraid she is drinking again. i an saddened and wearied by this. i have known her since we were seven. we are both going on 20 this year. we are quite close, but i seem to sence more about her than she senses me. i read her well, and right now she is at one of the lowest points she has ever been. we've been through alot together, rape, suicides, drugs, alcohol...etc...through each one i have come back to God and closer to Him. and each time she has gone further away and surfacely better, maybe more stable emotionally, but she's spiritually broken. she doesn't let people truly close. she feels like things are all like broken shards of glass inside and if someone gets close the shards are going to break through leaveing her even more torn and the other person hurting. I know this feeling well. i was like that, sometimes i still can feel like that. right now i am recovering from my own total crushing through my own crappy decisions and i am just so tired. i can't do anything else for her, and God is the only one who can help her get out of where she is at. please please pray for her.
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