ياسمين (mimichen) wrote in interprayer,

Prayer Request

Hey everyone,

I just need some prayer about my work. I work in a Sports Store on my university campus, and I need this work because I need to pay off my student loan, as well as the fact that it's close to my classes (I live several hours away, so this is the ideal job for me when I'm in school).

Someone who works at the store has been stealing money from the cash register that we all share, and we don't know who's doing it. I closed tonight and I came up short - we are all suspects - but I think that today it really looks like I am stealing.

I am not stealing - it's against my beliefs, my morals, and just not who I am. I don't want to steal.

Please pray for me - please pray that this whole thing clears up and that my name is cleared. I will even take a lie detector test and everything. Please.

Thank you!
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