ياسمين (mimichen) wrote in interprayer,

am i wasting my life away?

I was talking to Emma Sarah the other day, and I asked her if I was wasting my life away.  Have you ever had one of those times where you sit and think about how you're not doing what you want and the things you have to do are incomplete or only half hearted?

What is the meaning of life?

She asked me to pray about it.

Well I did.  But I forgot about it for a while.  I was surfing the Internet, looking at funny videos on Google.  I kept going to the related links section, and God never ceases to amaze me.  I've stopped going to church, you see; not because I no longer want to go, but for various reasons.  I stumbled on a funny clip, but it turned out to be more than what the cover had it be.  Instead of the regular 2 min clips, it was 38 minutes.  It was a church sermon.  What's more is that it spoke directly to me, as God always manages to do.

I want to praise Him!!! I want to sing His praises and be worthy of Him!! No amount of praising will suffice for how much He deserves!  I don't want to waste my marbles!

And I wanted you to know.
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