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Liberate Yourselves My Brothers and Sisters [03 Oct 2008|03:37pm]

With the InnerPartySystem:
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my story [16 Jul 2008|02:21pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Below is my faith story. It is quite long. Part of the reason I am sharing it is because I am trying to raise support in order to go to a thing called "master's Commission." Your prayers would be very much appreciated. (For more on masters go here: http://www.jubileemc.org/ ) Please read it to the end. I hope you have extra time. The last few pages are mostly bible verses. But there is a closing paragraph. I apologize ahead of time for what I am sure is an abundance of typos and grammatical errors. Try to ignore them.

Well, my faith story is, in many ways, my life story. There has not been a time where faith has not played a role in my life. I was born on a YWAM (youth with a mission, a missionary training and sending school) base in Texas. My parents met and were married there. When I was about 3, we moved to Minnesota. I am not sure when I accepted Jesus into my life. In my memories, it was like He was always there.

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Prayer Request [27 May 2007|09:12pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I sin, and I do it consciously, knowing that it's a sin, and knowing God doesn't want me to do it.  I have premarital sex.  I know I should stop, but I don't want to.

I know I should.

I'm also afraid that my boyfriend, who is now used to sleeping with me, will not accept me telling him that I want to wait till marriage.

I feel so guilty.  I'm so afraid.  I don't want to go to hell.

I want to stop.  I want the strength to do it.  Please pray for me.  Please give me advice.

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please pray [10 Jul 2006|10:42pm]

[ mood | weary ]

my best freind is going through a VERY VERY hard time. she is not saved and is in an abusive relationship, that she is scared to break off. i am afraid she is drinking again. i an saddened and wearied by this. i have known her since we were seven. we are both going on 20 this year. we are quite close, but i seem to sence more about her than she senses me. i read her well, and right now she is at one of the lowest points she has ever been. we've been through alot together, rape, suicides, drugs, alcohol...etc...through each one i have come back to God and closer to Him. and each time she has gone further away and surfacely better, maybe more stable emotionally, but she's spiritually broken. she doesn't let people truly close. she feels like things are all like broken shards of glass inside and if someone gets close the shards are going to break through leaveing her even more torn and the other person hurting. I know this feeling well. i was like that, sometimes i still can feel like that. right now i am recovering from my own total crushing through my own crappy decisions and i am just so tired. i can't do anything else for her, and God is the only one who can help her get out of where she is at. please please pray for her.

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Praise be unto Him [30 May 2006|09:20pm]

Thank you everyone for your prayers! As small as it may seem to some, it meant a lot to me!

The shortness of the money was in an error from counting - I counted two rolls of loonies (each being 25$) as 1$ each ... so that made up for quite a bit of what seemed to be missing.

Your prayers worked!! Thank you and thank GOd!!! My managers seem to still hold me in favour.

<3 God bless everyone!
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Prayer Request [29 May 2006|07:05pm]

Hey everyone,

I just need some prayer about my work. I work in a Sports Store on my university campus, and I need this work because I need to pay off my student loan, as well as the fact that it's close to my classes (I live several hours away, so this is the ideal job for me when I'm in school).

Someone who works at the store has been stealing money from the cash register that we all share, and we don't know who's doing it. I closed tonight and I came up short - we are all suspects - but I think that today it really looks like I am stealing.

I am not stealing - it's against my beliefs, my morals, and just not who I am. I don't want to steal.

Please pray for me - please pray that this whole thing clears up and that my name is cleared. I will even take a lie detector test and everything. Please.

Thank you!
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[04 Feb 2006|01:55am]

[ mood | heartbroken ]

I was walking, this morning, past a homeless man. I wanted to give him the Word - I happened to be carrying an extra Bible - and he refused it... he posed a hard question and i'm hearbroken to say that i failed miserably at how to answer ... he said there's no God because if there was he wouldn't be in that position - he said he had never committed a crime, a rape, a murder, and yet there he was.

I feel like I let God down.

i feel so grieved for him .. but perhaps also for me...

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[22 Jan 2006|02:38am]

everyone - please pray that my friend Ken stops fighting God and that his experiment of seeing God's signs via praying (cos he doens't believe in prayer) comes true - I want him toget scared and see God - and I want him to experience God. the seeds have been sown - please pray for him and pray for guidance for me to reap it - please please please .. even if it's not via me - please pray for him
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am i wasting my life away? [16 Jan 2006|12:38am]

I was talking to Emma Sarah the other day, and I asked her if I was wasting my life away.  Have you ever had one of those times where you sit and think about how you're not doing what you want and the things you have to do are incomplete or only half hearted?

What is the meaning of life?

She asked me to pray about it.

Well I did.  But I forgot about it for a while.  I was surfing the Internet, looking at funny videos on Google.  I kept going to the related links section, and God never ceases to amaze me.  I've stopped going to church, you see; not because I no longer want to go, but for various reasons.  I stumbled on a funny clip, but it turned out to be more than what the cover had it be.  Instead of the regular 2 min clips, it was 38 minutes.  It was a church sermon.  What's more is that it spoke directly to me, as God always manages to do.

I want to praise Him!!! I want to sing His praises and be worthy of Him!! No amount of praising will suffice for how much He deserves!  I don't want to waste my marbles!

And I wanted you to know.
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Ankle [16 Oct 2005|12:05pm]

[ mood | numb ]

I need prayer for healing... I sprained, possibly broke my ankle yesterday. Pray for healing and easing of the pain... thanks...

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PLEASE pray [05 Sep 2005|01:30am]

[ mood | concerned ]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSE PLEASE! pray for my friend. i found out tonight that he kinda lost his faith. he believes that God exists but he's denying him. i talked to him for a long time trying to witness to him hoping he'd open his eyes. i dunno. but yeah it just came as a HUGE shock to me. and his reasoning for it all is SO selfish...PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM.........PLEASE. *this worries me*

God Bless.
loves muchly,
kit kat

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Help Please! [20 Apr 2005|10:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys!

I'm pledging an honors serority at my college, and my initiation is coming up next week. I have to make my Big (big sister who assists during pledging,) a present. I'm making her a prayer journal and want to put verses and inspirational quotes at the top of each page. If you wonderful people have anything you think would be appropriate, I would appreciate it! Just include the quote and either who said it or where you found it. More than one per person is fine! It's a big journal haha.


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Urgent Prayer Request. [19 Apr 2005|08:24pm]

My family is trying to move to Florida. My mom is there right now looking for a houses... she has two days left. We know God has been faithful this far because we miraculously sold our house in 3 weeks in Ohio, mom got a job in Florida today, and dad has one waiting for him in Florida. I'm graduating soon so I can go too. We just need somewhere to live. Pray that God has the perfect place waiting for my mom this week! And pray that we bid and get it this week! I know, the impatience isn't good... but it would be absolutely miraculous if it happened while she's there right now. Otherwise, at the end of May we'll have to live in a hotel for a while in Florida.

Thanks all.
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[10 Apr 2005|01:57am]


I would really appreciate if you could pray with me for a friend of mine. His name is Darius. He is an atheist who is dating another friend of mine. He's been going through a lot, and I think God is trying to call Darius to Him by giving him a bit of a rough patch.

I'm trying to get him to pray to God, to try to prove it to himself that prayer works. Please pray with me so that God's Light may shine through. Please pray that God gives me the strength, courage and wisdom to help bring him to God. And please pray that I find a Christian community that will speak to who he is. I need help here.

I also want to testify that prayer works!!! :D An atheist friend of mine, whom I had lost contact with, recently apologized to me for saying that I was wrong about God. He converted!! :D My friend is now saved THANK GOD! HALELUJAH.

There is so much testimony in everyone. And I thank God for bringing my friend back to me in perfect timing because his testimony brought me back from God. I had been slipping. God never ceases to amaze me, and He is amazing! :D

I'm so happy right now. And thank you in advance for your prayers! :D

p.s. Please pray to give Darius' girlfriend strength to stick to her values. Thank you again, I appreciate it!

God bless you all!
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[07 Apr 2005|01:36am]

[ mood | drained ]

My girlfriend, whom I love dearly, just told me that for the past few days she has been forcing herself to vomit. Needless to say, I'm very worried. When she was in a freshman in high school she starved herself for the sake of fitting in some dress, so I know she's done this kind of thing before... however, I don't think it's an issue of weight so much as a stress coping mechanism... if an odd one. Regardless, please pray for her fervently... I know I'll be...

Pax Christi

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[21 Mar 2005|08:44pm]


here's a quick update, for anyone who cares.

i said i didn't know if it was true, or a bunch of rumors. well, my friend's brother is dating laura's best friend. and i told my friend about all this stuff. and kendra (laura's best friend) didn't have a car because hers was messed up, so my friend emily and her brother brian had to take kendra home. and emily told me that on the way home, kendra and brian were talking about Laura.

basically, everything i thought is true. Laura drinks. she smokes (i didn't realize that..) and she (sorry, i'm quoting..) "whores around with a bunch of guys"


so anyways. i posted this on a few communities, and some people asked for me to keep them updated.. so here's an update.
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Please say a prayer... [16 Mar 2005|10:52am]

[ mood | moody ]

I have a "Weekend to Remember" event coming up with my husband--it's a marriage conference--you may have heard of it. We really need help in our marriage, so just pray that we'd be ready to hear whatever it is God has in store for us at this marriage conference.
God's will be done.

Thanks so much !!!!

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[12 Mar 2005|02:14pm]

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My parents [26 Feb 2005|09:42am]

[ mood | worried ]

Please pray for my parents who are traveling this week to Florida from Ohio. Please pray for their traveling during the week in Florida. Please pray that they return safely home so that I can see them soon!

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Why can't things be simple? [25 Feb 2005|06:41pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just recently found out that my ex-boyfriend was forced to become homeless because of some stupid chick that he lives with. She does crack and is really promiscuose. I just pray that he'll be alright. Please help me, he needs all the hearts he can get. May god watch over you Damien...wherever you are.

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